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China earthquake, Sichuan province in 2008 year

Event: 05/12/2008 Magnitude 7.9 - EASTERN SICHUAN, CHINA 2008, location: 30.986°N, 103.364°E, 80 km (50 miles) WNW of Chengdu
Fatalities: about 87,000 people killed (including 1300 kids), 370,000 injured, 18,000 missing
Economic loss: about $85 billions, 5 millions were left homeless

We didn't submitted short-term forecast to the China Embassy in Russia in 3–5 days prior to earthquake. But from the 1998 year via China Embassy we repeatedly have been offered cooperation to the China Government. It's worth to note that offer made to the PRC is unique. We have offered full unpaid transfer of technology. Unfortunately, our proposal again was left with no response.

Following materials are currently in Russian only.
Letter №40 of 08/10/1998. Mirror
Letter of 05/19/2006. Mirror
Fax to the Embassy of 06/17/2006. Mirror
Reply of the PRC Embassy in Moscow of 06/13/2006. Mirror

After this letters correspondence was terminated by the china side. Though we are still offering our technology to the PRC:
Letter of 06/17/2008. Mirror

Earthquake of 2008 has occurred at the distance of 80 km from Chengdu, which was mentioned in the letter of 1998 as the region with highly increased noncompensation on Earth's surface of the polarization potential.

In the strong earthquake preparation process "marking" of the future epicenters take place long time before the actual event. These are the mentioned above areas with maximal noncompensation of the polarization potential. During earthquake preparation hypocenter (central point of the earthquake zone, the point where the fault begins to rupture) is being gradually localizing in the point with definite coordinates, in which lately earthquake will occurr. All these process have specific reflection in our instrumentation system data and on its basis it is possible to develop middle-term (till several years before the event) and short-term (3–5 days before the event) earthquake forecasts. These forecasts corresponds to the definite stages of the future earthquake localization process.

On the following figure WBG-4 signals prior to the Sichuan earthquake are presented.

WBG-4 signals for period of 05/01/2008-05/15/2008

WBG-4 signals for period of 05/01/2008-05/15/2008

On May 8–9 of 2008 it was registered intensive high-frequency precursor of the strong earthquake. Analogous signals having different intensity our instrumentation system registers 3–5 days prior to all strong earthquake. This signals carries information about completion of the earthquake preparation.

Using our system it would be possible to perform accurate localization of earthquake preparation region and also time of event estimation so thousands human lives could be saved.

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