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Azerbaijan earthquakes in 1999–2000

Recipient: Azerbaijan Embassy in Russia
Forecast: Fax to the Embassy on 02/03/1999 (зеркало), repeat on the 02/12/1999 (зеркало)
Articles in the newspaper "Komsomolskya pravda": №22 of 02/15/1999 and 09/25/1999, page 3 (зеркало)
Forecast content: Earthquakes cycle, starting in the following coordinates 40°N 48-49°E with further movement along the trajectory Kazi-Magomed city - Baku city (with earthquake M>6) and next to the sea to the oil production region with coordinates 52-55°E
Actual events:
06/04/1999 Earthquake M5.4, coordinates 40,8°N 47,45°E (Agdam region), 14 people were killed;
03/21/2000 Earthquake M5.2, coordinates 39,95°N 48,23°E (Qaz?m?mm?d region), 7 people were killed;
11/25/2000 Earthquakes with M6.8 and 6.5, coordinates 40,24°N 49,95°E and 40,17°N 49,95°E (Baku region), according to the EMERCOM of Russia 600 people were killed;
12/06/2000 Earthquake with M7.0, coordinates 39,57°N 54,80°E (Caspian Sea, oil production region).

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