Long-range forecast

In this section we will publish our long-range forecasts. Eyewitnesses of their realization are all people on the whole planet. We have scientific instruments and methodology to perform timely warnings about approaching disasters in time interval not smaller than 3–5 days prior to the event. But to calculate time of event in the specific location ... Read more

Forecast of January 2010

On the basis of the multichannel WBG system data processing results for December 2009–January 2010 it was established parameters and coordinates of the future events. Information about approaching disasters was submitted by the letter to the President of Russia Medvedev D.A. According to the information from the administration of President the letter was submitted to ... Read more

Forecast of December 2009

In the period of 12/08/2009–12/15/2009 our WBG-9 instrumentation system registered signal having no analog in the history of observations (since 1988). Signal character suggests that it is precursor of the catastrophic events (earthquakes with M8–9.8 and strong anomalous atmospheric processes, and consequently very anomalous weather). Together with experts of RC EOM (chief of the group ... Read more

Forecast of 2006

In 2006 year as the answer to the inquiry of Radio Russia of 09/09/2006, it was prepared (only in Russia currently) containing forecasts of seismic and meteorological events in Europe and explanation of the causes of these events. Also information about forecasted events and cooperation offering were submitted by the to the Foreign Minister of ... Read more