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On future disasters

In recent years many researches note the fact that the number of natural disasters is steadily increasing. If you look to the database of USGS Earthquake Hazard Program we can find out that in 70-es years of XX century it has occurred 4, in 80-es – 5, in 90-es – 6 and from 2000 till present time it has occurred 14 (!!!) major earthquakes with magnitude equal or greater to the 8. In the seismically hazardous regions of the world a lot of people lives therefore the problem of earthquake prediction has rising importance.

On the basis of our concept it was developed instrumentation equipment which allows real-time monitoring of the complete spectrum of geodynamical processes taking place in the world around us i.e. the processes that determine preparation and development of every natural disaster such as earthquake or hurricane.

Unique measurements performed using our instrumentation equipment have no analogues in the world.

On the 4th of December of 2009 it was registered impulse signal, came from the galaxy, shown on the figure below.

Signal observed on the December 4

Signal observed on the December 4

This signal disturbed equilibrium state of the terrestrial gravitational field. As the result on December 8 emerged complex of high and low frequency signals having unprecedented power. These signals are the strong earthquakes precursors.

WBG-3 system signals for period of 12/04/2009-12/15/2009

WBG-3 system signals for period of 12/04/2009-12/15/2009

Analysis of the registered signals was used in preparation of the joint forecast, presented by L.N. Doda (RC EOM, Russian space agency) at the meeting of Russian Expert Council for Earthquake Forecasting on December 11, 2009.
During nearly 3 months that has passed away from the completion of the mentioned above signals, strong earthquakes cycle has occurred which strongest and most devastating events were Haiti (01/12/2010 M7.2) and Chile (02/27/2010 M8.8) earthquakes.

In addition on the whole planet multitude of anomalous processes has taken place – volcano awakening, extremely cold and snowy winter in Europe and etc. All these processes together with earthquakes are extended in time realizations of December 8–15 precursor.

We believe that further events developments will continue.

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