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Forecast of December 2009

In the period of 12/08/2009–12/15/2009 our WBG-9 instrumentation system registered signal having no analog in the history of observations (since 1988).

Signal having unprecedented power

Signal having unprecedented power

Signal character suggests that it is precursor of the catastrophic events (earthquakes with M8–9.8 and strong anomalous atmospheric processes, and consequently very anomalous weather).

Together with experts of RC EOM (chief of the group L.N. Doda), distant school "Cosmo-meteo-tectonics" (CEO, Cand.Sc. (Tech) Bobrovskiy V.S.) it is prepared  forecast (959.3 KiB)  which was presented by L.N. Doda at the meeting of Russian Expert Council for Earthquake Forecasting on December 11, 2009.

In our opinion occurred seismic events (Gibraltar 12/17/2009 M5.5, Solomon Islands 01/03/2010 M7.1, California 01/10/2010 M6.5, Haiti 01/12/2010 M7.0) and weather anomalies (the strongest cold in the Northern Hemisphere from 12/21/2009) doesn't exhaust the above precursor will not be limited and we expect further development of seismic and related weather events in the region of Africa-Middle East, south of the Caspian Sea (Iran, the Caucasus region), Kamchatka Peninsula, Iceland, Central America and California.

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