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Looking back

Source: AP Photo/Sebastian Martinez

From the beginning of the 2010 year sufficiently large number of major seismic events have occurred. The most significant among them after number of victims are:
Haiti earthquake on 01/12/2010 (Magnitude 7.0 - HAITI REGION 2010 January 12 21:53:10 UTC):
Parameters: magnitude М7.0, coordinates 18.457°N, 72.533°E
Fatalities: 222570 people
Chile earthquake on 02/27/2010 (Magnitude 8.8 - OFFSHORE BIO-BIO, CHILE 2010 February 27 06:34:14 UTC)
Parameters: magnitude M8.8, coordinates 35.909°N, 72.733°E
Fatalities: 507 people.

Did these events have precursors recorded by our instrumentation system?

These two events are consequence of the processes registered by our instrumentation system on December 4 (polarizing impulse) and December 8–12 (precursors complex) shown on our sire in the messages "Forecast of December 2009" and "On future disasters". These signals are middle-term precursors of the mentioned events (but we emphasize once again that these signals are not fully realized by the occurred events).

Haiti and Chile earthquakes have short-term precursors, registered several days before the events.

During period from 4th till 10th of January, WBG-3 system registered long-period deviation of the torsion system (LF anomaly). HF oscillations (HF precursors) are embedded into this LF anomaly. This signals complex is the short-term precursor of the Haiti earthquake.

Haiti earthquake precursor

Haiti earthquake precursor

During period from 8th till 14 of February WBG-3 system registered HF precursor of the strong seismic event. Information on beginning of formation of this precursor was presented in the message "Taiwan earthquake forecast is prolonged" (currently only in Russian) on 02/13/2010. Beginning of formation of this precursor was the one of facts on which basis Taiwan earthquake forecast was prolonged.
Precursor character showed that strong earthquake is approaching. In the result on February 26 at the late evening Ryukyu islands earthquake (Magnitude 7.0 RYUKYU ISLANDS, JAPAN February 26, 2010) has occurred with M7.2, and at the morning of February 27 – Chile earthquake with M8.8 (Magnitude 8.8 - OFFSHORE BIO-BIO, CHILE 2010 February 27 06:34:14 UTC). Let's note that Chile earthquake precursor has observed earlier than 5 days before the event that can be associated with higher process energy and consequently more inertial event preparation.

Precursor of Chile (M8.8, 27.02.2010) and Ryukyu islands (M7.2, 26.02.2010) earthquakes

Precursor of Chile (M8.8, 27.02.2010) and Ryukyu islands (M7.2, 26.02.2010) earthquakes

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