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Nature of electromagnetic interactions

 Martynov O.V. Nature of electromagnetic interactions: theoretical concepts and practical solutions (1.0 MiB)  / O.V. Martynov, S.P. Kurotchenko, R.V. Parshutin // Proceedings of First seminar Part II of International conference on ecology, energy, economy security in a non linear world, Swiss Association «NON-LINEARITE», pp. 31-63, 2010, Geneva, Swiss. Mirror

Abstract. In this article, the authors present the results of research on the nature of the electromagnetic interaction, causes the electric and magnetic fields and electromagnetic induction. The authors considered the phenomenon of the photoelectric effect from the position of the wave nature of matter. A model of the structure of atomic orbitals proposed. Submitted the theory, which explains the emergence of a strong magnetic field coupling SmCo5 and the permanent magnets on the basis of this compound. It is shown that with the help of structures with variable size and sign of the curvature of space may receive energy from a more global level of organization of matter. Submitted created on the basis of this theoretical concept of a functioning system monitoring of natural disasters. Proposed the design of portable monitoring seismic activity of the planet, as well as the system is environmentally clean electricity without the cost of non-renewable resources.

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