Some forecasts

In this section of our site we will publish some our old forecasts, which early reception is confirmed by the documents of the corresponding agencies. Earthquake information is picked out from the databases of US Geological Survey Earthquake Hazard Program and European-Mediterranean Seismological Centre. Some damage estimates are taken from the databases of The Center ... Read more

China earthquake, Sichuan province in 2008 year

Event: 05/12/2008 Magnitude 7.9 - EASTERN SICHUAN, CHINA 2008, location: 30.986°N, 103.364°E, 80 km (50 miles) WNW of Chengdu Fatalities: about 87,000 people killed (including 1300 kids), 370,000 injured, 18,000 missing Economic loss: about $85 billions, 5 millions were left homeless We didn't submitted short-term forecast to the China Embassy in Russia in 3–5 days ... Read more

Kazakhstan earthquake in 2005

Recipient: Kazakhstan Embassy in Russia Forecast: № 63 of 06/21/2005. Mirror Forecast content: Developing seismical tensity in the Almaty region in the coordinates of 43.0–43.5°N 77.0–77.5°E. Actual events: 06/24/2005 – Earthquake M4.6, coordinates: 43,02°N 77,23°E This forecast was the second experience in time of event estimation in 3–5 days prior to the earthquake.

Severe storm in France and Italy and subsequent earthquake in 2001 year

Recipient: Prime-minister of Italy, President of USA, President of France (submitted to the corresponding Embassies in Russia) Forecast: № 47 of 05/24/2001. Mirror Forecast content: Anomalous synoptic events and earthquake in the coordinates of 44–45°N and 7–9°E will take place before heads of states meeting in Genoa on 07/20/2001. Actual events: 07/06/2001–07/08/2001 – Severe storms ... Read more

Italy earthquake in 2000 year, near Asti

Recipient: Italy Embassy in Russia
Forecast: №29 of 07/28/2000
Forecast content: Earthquake in the following coordinates: 44-45°N, 7-9°E
Actual events: 08/21/2000 Earthquake with M4.9, location: 44,87°N, 8,48°E

After mentioned above successful forecast O.V. Martynov was invited to visit Italy. This visit was covered by the Italian mass media (newspapers and TV). If you have any more information than presented on our site please post links to it in the comments section.

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Azerbaijan earthquakes in 1999–2000

Recipient: Azerbaijan Embassy in Russia
Forecast: Fax to the Embassy on 02/03/1999 (зеркало), repeat on the 02/12/1999 (зеркало)
Articles in the newspaper "Komsomolskya pravda": №22 of 02/15/1999 and 09/25/1999, page 3 (зеркало)
Forecast content: Earthquakes cycle, starting in the following coordinates 40°N 48-49°E with further movement along the trajectory Kazi-Magomed city - Baku city (with earthquake M>6) and next to the sea to the oil production region with coordinates 52-55°E
Actual events:
06/04/1999 Earthquake M5.4, coordinates 40,8°N 47,45°E (Agdam region), 14 people were killed;
03/21/2000 Earthquake M5.2, coordinates 39,95°N 48,23°E (Qaz?m?mm?d region), 7 people were killed;
11/25/2000 Earthquakes with M6.8 and 6.5, coordinates 40,24°N 49,95°E and 40,17°N 49,95°E (Baku region), according to the EMERCOM of Russia 600 people were killed;
12/06/2000 Earthquake with M7.0, coordinates 39,57°N 54,80°E (Caspian Sea, oil production region).

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Turkey Earthquakes in 1999 year

Recipient: Turkey Embassy in Russia Forecast: № 21 of 08/09/1999. Mirror Forecast content: Strong earthquake with М>6 in the following coordinates: 40°N and 28–30°E. or 40°N and 40–42°E Actual events: 08/17/1999 – Magnitude 7.6 TURKEY 1999 August 17, location: 40.74°N, 29.86°E, more than 200,000 were killed 11/12/1999 – Magnitude 7.2 TURKEY 1999 November 12, location ... Read more