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Model for Understanding the Substructure of the Electron

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Below it is presented Dr.-Ing Christoph Caesar's interesting paper considering alternative model of the substructure of electron. It has several interconnections with our model.

Caesar C. Model for Understanding the Substructure of the Electron // Nature Physics  13.7.2009 18:30 p. 1

Abstact. Using a simple electromagnetic model, the electron is described as circulating electromagnetic wave with an internal twist as Moebius ribbon. Mathematically, the Moebius loop is required for the spin ½, as the model requires two revolutions to fulfill one phase. The positive half wave stays on the inside and partly compensates itself in a way that the negative field of the wave always is on the outside. The ratio of the field energy responsible for the charge to the total particle rest energy is the dimensionless figure 1/137, which is the fine structure constant. The model of the rotating photon does not contradict current models and offers a great simplification by using a deterministic mind set. Source.

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