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Joint seismic forecasting and monitoring experiment

25 февраля 2010 No comments

From the October of 2009 together with experts of Research Centre of Earth Operative Monitoring (chief of the group L.N.Doda), distant school "Cosmo-meteo-tectonics" (CEO, Cand.Sc. (Tech) Bobrovskiy V.S.), Moscow State University we performing joint seismic forecasting and monitoring experiment.

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Instrumentation system for registration of ultra low frequency gravitational field disturbances

10 февраля 2010 No comments

Shopin S.A. Instrumentation system for registration of ultra low frequency gravitational field disturbances. // Proceedings of International conference on ecology, energy, economy security in a non linear world, Swiss Association "NON-LINEARITE", p 86-100, 2009, Geneva, Swiss. Mirror.
Abstract. Wideband gradiometer instrumentation system based on the usage of "Cavendish balance" type torsion system allowing real-time registration of ultra low frequency (<10-2 Hz) disturbances of the terrestrial gravitational field has been considered. The principle of torsion system rotation angle measurement using position-sensitive detector as well as electronic circuits of the instrumentation system have been described. Examples of the instrument readings have been presented.
Presentation of the report. Mirror.

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Taiwan earthquake forecast

9 февраля 2010 No comments

On 01 Feb 2010 it was registered precursor of the earthquake with M>6.

Earthquake precursor

Earthquake precursor

In the result of complex processing of Earth remote sensing data, electromagnetic (data by Kakioka Magnetic Observatory, Japan) and proton degassing data (data by distant school Kosmometeotectonics, CEO Ph.D. Bobrovskiy V.S.) together with our instruments data it was established Taiwan earthquake forecast with the following parameters Read more...

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