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Appeal of O.V. Martynov

Currently we are expecting strongest earthquake with M7.5+ in the Southeast Asia (Java region) in the coordinates of 6–10° S., 115–120° E.



Dashed rectangle – forecast region, red triangles – volcano locations, yellow lines – lithospheric plates boundaries

Java region is highly geodynamically active. Here are located big number of volcanoes. Along the same plate boundary, around 900km westerly, famous Krakatau volcano is located. Its activation indicators has been recently observed (Jakarta Globe,"Alert Raised as Anak Krakatau Acts Up", November 2, 2010). This combination is highly dangerous.

We appeal to the geophysicists, seismologists, volcanologists and the responsible officials of Indonesia with cooperation and data exchange offering for the analysis, evaluation and prediction of seismic and volcanological situation in the Java region.

Dr.Sc., prof. O.V. Martynov

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