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In this section will be presented materials explaining our physical concept and its practical applications. Herein you will find papers, conference presentations, books and etc.

All presented materials are arranged on this (direct link download) and on the Google documents server (you can download them by clicking on the Mirror link).

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Physical concept

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  •  Martynov O.V.Geodynamics Energy on the Interrelated Polarized Media Uniform Theory Basis Including Superstrings, Tearing-Topology, “Nodes and Nets”, Loop Quantum Gravity and All … (230.0 KiB)  // Proceedings of International conference on ecology, energy, economy security in a non linear world, Swiss Association «NON-LINEARITE», p 45-61, 2009, Geneva, Swiss. Mirror
    Abstract. Polarization mechanisms at pulse action in the anisotropic medium, mass (volume) generation with asymmetric and symmetric connections, kinetic and potential energy development are established. The connections with external and internal media are formed by asymmetric parts of the volume. The mechanism of chaos development in geodynamic processes within definite structural level and energy addition with its future dump to the environment is established. This allows energy generation without non-renewable sources usage. Geodynamics researching on the basis of Lobachevsky function and the topological concepts of the polarized media, together with the “empty set”, had allowed the gravitation, kinetic energy, mass, electric charge, magnetism, volume nature definition and practical solutions for energy generation without natural resources costs finding.
  • Martynov O.V. The Natural Accidents Forecasting System Concept and the Practical Results, Obtained from Nonlinear Physics, Mathematics and System Data. NONLINEAR WORLD, No.10, vol. 6, 2008.
    Abstract. The Kron’s “tearing - topology” and networks tensor analysis ideas applied to the polarized spaces of our Universe together with Vlasov’s ideas about non-locality of the dot–the polarization core, mathematics of the space polarization by the polarization core and the associated kinetic equations had been considered; it is shown, that the conservation laws defining the geodynamics are realized by the complex action of the polarized spaces. The geodynamical processes complex monitoring had been based on the data registered by the system of wide-band gradiometers (WBG) based on the “Cavendish's balance” principle with the special antennas and the instrumental system on the. Usage of the WBG system data allows the dynamical real-time reproduction of fracton holograms, mapped in the space in the form of phonons within the frequency range of < 10-10 Hz, and the calculation of the coordinates and time of occurrence of the earthquakes with magnitude М>6, hurricanes, floodings and other natural accidents on the base of developed physical concept and nonlinear thermodynamics.
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  •  Kurotchenko S. Model structure of the electron, mass, charge and spin (287.8 KiB)  // Proceedings of International conference on ecology, energy, economy security in a non linear world, Swiss Association «NON-LINEARITE», p 35-45, 2009, Geneva, Swiss. Mirror
    Abstract. In this article, the author proposes the mathematical model of electrons, as volume waves of a comprehensive environment circulating in a certain volume of space defined shape in the form of s-, p- and d-orbitals. It is shown, that the process of hybridization of electron orbitals is due to interference (summation) of volume waves-electrons, as organized structures of a comprehensive environment. Also it is shown, that the cause of the charge and spin of electron are appropriate high frequency whirlwinds with different depth of polarization of the comprehensive environment, different volumes of polarization and different frequency of circulation these whirlwinds as a rotor, which corresponds to a variety of mutually nested (fractal) levels of organization of matter.
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Brief concept of the geodynamical processes monitoring method and means of usage of the discovered effects

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On the basis of principles of lord Cavandish’s torsion balance it has been developed multichannel system for monitoring of geodynamical processes. System is being operated in realtime 24-hour mode during more than 25 years. On the basis of the data registered by the system it has been established the following:

1. Before the earthquake with M>5 in the readings of the system it is observed signal causing angular deviation of the torsion balance beam from the equilibrium state during time intervals of several hours, days and even months and years. This regularity corresponds to the 95-100% confidence level, being in compliance with the actual events on the planet during 25 years. Read more...

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Nature of electromagnetic interactions

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 Martynov O.V. Nature of electromagnetic interactions: theoretical concepts and practical solutions (1.0 MiB)  / O.V. Martynov, S.P. Kurotchenko, R.V. Parshutin // Proceedings of First seminar Part II of International conference on ecology, energy, economy security in a non linear world, Swiss Association «NON-LINEARITE», pp. 31-63, 2010, Geneva, Swiss. Mirror

Abstract. In this article, the authors present the results of research on the nature of the electromagnetic interaction, causes the electric and magnetic fields and electromagnetic induction. The authors considered the phenomenon of the photoelectric effect from the position of the wave nature of matter. A model of the structure of atomic orbitals proposed. Submitted the theory, which explains the emergence of a strong magnetic field coupling SmCo5 and the permanent magnets on the basis of this compound. It is shown that with the help of structures with variable size and sign of the curvature of space may receive energy from a more global level of organization of matter. Submitted created on the basis of this theoretical concept of a functioning system monitoring of natural disasters. Proposed the design of portable monitoring seismic activity of the planet, as well as the system is environmentally clean electricity without the cost of non-renewable resources.

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