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On predicted time intervals

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Dear visitors of our site! Due to a receiving of a great number of questions and criticism, we report the following: our prediction is given with minimal time interval. If during the mentioned time frame (3-4 days) strong event (M>6) occurs somewhere else, then expected event realization may be significantly delayed (up to period of about a year) because Earth system is a single whole.

For our Iran EQ prediction the following event has taken place on the specified time-frame: M 6.4 - SOLOMON ISLANDS - 2011-03-07 00:09 UTC. And after it the first Japan EQ (M 7.2 - NEAR EAST COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN - 2011-03-09 02:45 UTC) has occurred having the same lattitude (~37N) as our Iran EQ prediction (36-38N)! This situation is caused by the Coriolis forces and Earth's core rotation. For the accurate tracking of such processes, it is necessary to have several observation stations and cooperation with local geophysicist and other interested specialists.

Forecasts for the mentioned before "hot point" including Iran and other, are still active.