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On forthcoming strong earthquakes

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April of 2010 is very unusual in the sense of WBG registered signals. Since the beginning of the month it was registered a whole series of low-frequency precursors.

WBG-3 system data for period of 01/04/2010–26/04/2010

WBG-3 system data for period of 01/04/2010–26/04/2010

In the period of April 24–25 WBG system registered strong earthquake precursors set including all typical precursors of both low- and high- frequency type.


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2nd international conference 3E-Security

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Swiss association "Non-linearit?" organizes 2nd international conference 3E-Security.
Conference theme: Ecology, energy and economical security in the nonlinear world.

The conference aims to discuss the modern ideas and technologies as well as their applications to the following subjects:
– alternative and renewable energy sources;
– environmental change and its consequences;
– recycling and reusing of the waste and materials;
– financial institute’s participation in all above mentioned programs.

Specialists performing research in the mentioned areas are welcomed. It doesn't matter whether your research is recognized by the science officials or not.

Details will be presented on the association's web site.

The Association was founded to provide an opportunity for professionals, performing research in the various fields to express their ideas, including very different from the conventional ones, to discuss their results with others, to find people interested in their research.

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